Dear, Yoga.

Dear, Yoga.

Dear yoga,

It has been 15 years since we met one another.

Our relationship has evolved so much in that time.

I have leaned on you in times of sadness, doubt and anger.

I have celebrated with you in moments of happiness, surprise and awe.

I have relied heavily on you to heal me, physically and emotionally.

I have you to thank for a steady and mobile body, a more patient, kind and conscious mind, and a more generous and open heart.

Thank you for providing space for me to get to know myself and giving me the strength to accept who that is.

Thank you for teaching me to breathe, to listen to my body, to cultivate stillness and to be grateful.

Thank you for being there, wherever I am, whenever I need you.

Thank you for allowing me to be me and for giving me the capacity to allow others the same freedom.

Happy Day, Yoga.

Can’t imagine life without you.


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