All moments are sacred.

All moments are sacred.

It is easy for much of our life to start to feel like repetitive acts of getting by – making food, doing laundry, bathing, driving, working.  Often the things we start off cherishing end up being taken for granted  – morning coffee with our partner, admiring art from our kids, phone calls with our parents, practising with our soccer team.. It is so easy for the things we do “all the time” to begin to seem mundane, and easy for us to stop taking as much notice of the people we see “all the time”, too. 

However, in the context of whatever happens next in our lives, the mundane, day to day stuff can end up taking on huge importance. This is because we don’t ever know with any certainty what is going to happen next, and sometimes it turns out that the thing that happens next is a soul shaking, painful, life altering event that leaves us wondering how we could ever have taken so many moments of our lives for granted, and allowed them to go by without really taking notice.

It is unfortunate that it usually takes something awful to awaken us to this realization – but, it is a gift to wake up to our lives and to realize that EVERY moment is utterly sacred, regardless of how run of the mill it may seem.

I have been reminded of this a lot in the last year, through my own experiences and through observing others as they navigate their own life altering moments.. it has given me so much perspective as I navigate the ‘day to day’. When I catch myself getting caught up in stories that lead me down the path of annoyance, fear, scarcity or judgement, particularly when those feelings involve another person, I pause and consider how I would want to handle this moment if it was the last moment I, or the other person, would be walking on this Earth.

You may find that morbid, but it is not an uncommon practice to ‘live as if you were to die tomorrow’.  Rather than morbid, I find this perspective quite liberating.. it enables me to LET GO, knowing I have nothing to lose.  It helps me shift from the heavy, negative (and usually unnecessary) feelings of anger, fear and judgement, and opens my heart to choose LOVE, generosity, kindness and compassion.  It frees me from the feelings of being rushed or annoyed and encourages me to be PRESENT.

Everything takes on a different tone when you approach life in this way – brushing your teeth, chatting with the cashier, waving at your neighbour, walking your dog, doing the dishes, whatever it may be… when you consider each moment as sacred, everything around you becomes a little more magical, every task has a little more importance, every interaction becomes a little more special, and it is easier to see just how much there is to always be grateful for.

So, the question is: how will you choose to show up in the moments of your life?  What mark will you leave?  




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