Grace: a poem by Andre Casaubon

Grace: a poem by Andre Casaubon


by Blissful teacher Andre Casaubon


charming and gentle

gentle and charming

together they blend

together they melt

into graciousness.

but grace has a challenge

that resides deep within

covered by ego

driven by id

layers upon layers



that is the shroud

forever holding onto

that peripatetic cloud.

Grace has a centre

that is seen and unseen

wrapped in an enigma

depth upon depth with

trueness of self

released by a sacredness

found only in one place

Let go of your heart

allow it to fly and soar

let the grace of love

be your eternal guide

let the grace transcend

to that higher realm

filling your heart

forever with peace 

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    This is a beautiful and insightful poem. Grace is an elusive yet wondrous gift. It usually is most manifest when I let go and let love….

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