Invite silence in to your life.

Originally posted January 26, 2012.

Have you ever found yourself on Facebook, while sending a text, with the tv on in the background?


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Relax! I dare you.

Originally posted January 22, 2012.

Sometimes we know things, but they just slip our mind.

For example, I know when I’m run down and..

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The sea is timeless.

Originally posted January 14, 2012.

“The whole world is going crazy.. but, I sit at my window and look at the sea. The sea is timeless.”..

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Learning to love.. Crow.

Originally posted January 11, 2012.

I was visiting my parents the other day and there was a murder of crows helping themselves to the..

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Three things that are true.

Originally posted October 26, 2011.

I may sound like a broken record, but only because I’m hoping one of these days you’ll actually..

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Are you lookin’ at me?

Originally posted October 20, 2011.

Lately I’ve found myself drawn to peoples’ facial expressions during yoga class and have noticed they..

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