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Georgia Cyr

Owner & Founder



Georgia Cyr Owner of Blissful Yoga

I was taken to my first yoga class in 2001 by a friend’s mother. The class was located in a school gymnasium and though I don’t remember much from this first class other than the warm, wool blanket I was given to stay cozy during the final relaxation, I was hooked. In the years following I continued to explore yoga, first in my basement, following yoga VHS tapes I purchased at the local drug store I worked at after school. Eventually I found my way into studios, sampling all different styles and teachers. Right away in those early years of practice I enjoyed the way yoga made my body feel, but more than that, I appreciated the clarity and ease it brought to my heart and mind. To this day, I still attribute yoga to what keeps me feeling healthy, balanced and whole, in body, mind and soul.

I have studied and practiced many styles over the years, wherever my travels have taken me, including North America, India, Bali, Thailand, Australia and South America. In 2010 I left my “corporate” job as an HR manager and completed my 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training at Prana Yoga College. Since then I have also become certified in Restorative, Prenatal and Kids yoga. Shortly after completing the 200 hour training, I moved back to my home town and founded Blissful Yoga.

My teaching style emphasizes the importance of uniting breath and movement to create a meditative flow. I offer precise and safe instructions, priding myself on offering classes that all abilities and experience levels can enjoy. I like to see people move in a way that puts a smile on their face and love to use yoga as a means for self-inquiry. I encourage my clients to cultivate a deep awareness of why they are where they are and question if, and how, it is serving their practice and their life. I will often include meditation in my classes because I know from personal experience how beneficial and transformational it is to cultivate more presence and stillness.

I am passionate about encouraging people to nourish their body, mind and soul, because I know that every other aspect of our lives benefits, when we take a little time for ourselves.  I am in bliss when I can share yoga and meditation with others and I amdeeply committed to spreading the spirit and joy of these practices. Click here for the full story on how Blissful Yoga came to be.  You can also connect with me online here where I support busy women to prioritize and tend to their well-being.