Getting Started

New to Yoga?

Let me be your guide

So, you want to try yoga, but you’re not sure what to expect?

Here’s a general guide to help get you through your first class with comfort and ease!

Select a Class

If you are brand new to yoga, it is best to start with a ‘hatha’ class. This class style is very suitable to beginners and will allow you to get comfortable with the various postures we practice. Check out the schedule to find a hatha class that works for you. Please note that class sizes are intimate and pre-booking is essential!

What to Bring

All you need are comfortable clothes that you can move in, easily. For your own comfort you are welcome to bring a mat if you have one, however, there are also mats at the studio which are free to borrow, along with any other props you may need.

Showing up

Arrive 5 minutes early. Take your shoes off before you come in the door. Fill out a waiver and pay the drop-in fee. If you have any questions or any injuries you want me to know about, please don’t hesitate to let me know! Then grab a mat and get comfortable. Check out our Guide to Studio Etiquette for more info.

On the mat

Class will usually start with centring; focusing on the breath to help quiet the mind. From there you will move through a series of poses. There are many poses in yoga, however you can expect most classes to include poses which twist the spine, stretch the backs of the legs, and open the chest and shoulders. Depending on the style of class you choose to attend you may find it very relaxing or more energetic. Some classes may include breathing exercises or meditation mixed in with the poses. Class will end with relaxation; time for your body and mind to absorb all the benefits of the practice. This is not time for sleep, but rather to be aware of your breath and enjoy the calm and stillness present in the body. Lie down, make yourself comfortable with your eyes closed, and embrace the time to just be. I will let you know when it’s time to sit up and close the class. 

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“I think of Blissful Yoga as a warm embrace for body, mind and spirit. Georgia and her team offer a beautifully balanced approach to yoga – always inspiring, gently challenging, ever welcoming. Whenever I leave, I feel like a stronger, more peaceful version of myself and I am filled with gratitude.”
– Christina

After class

If you borrowed a mat, please wipe it down using the spray and cloths provided. Place all props neatly on the shelves. Ask me any questions you may have. And then go off and enjoy the rest of your day!

Common fears

“Everyone will know what they’re doing except me”

The only way to learn is to try. Everyone started at a point where they had no idea what they were doing. After a few classes you will be surprised how quickly your body becomes comfortable with the movements.

“I’m not flexible enough”

Saying you’re not flexible enough to do yoga is like saying you’re too dirty to take a shower!

“I don’t want to chant or say Namaste”

You are welcome to stay silent. Always do what feels comfortable for you.

“I can’t do some poses”

Everyone’s body is different. If there is a particular pose which does not suit your body, rest in child’s pose or another position that is comfortable for you. Part of yoga is learning to tune in to what you need and honouring that.

Benefits of Yoga

  • It cleanses your body, disciplines your mind, and awakens your spirit; improving your strength and flexibility, increasing your concentration and calming your mind, leaving you mentally lighter and feeling physically stronger and re-energized.
  • It is a tool through which you can expand your internal self-awareness; finding stillness within, uniting with your breath and realizing the essence of your being.
  • Each asana (posture) offers many physical benefits; everything from aiding in digestion, increasing blood circulation, or preventing symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome, to stretching/strengthening a particular muscle or relieving back pain.
  • Each asana also offers energy benefits, balancing your chakras (energy centres in the body); releasing tension and old emotions and preventing stagnation of energy which leads to disease.
  • Focusing on your breath allows you to cultivate prana(energy), expanding your consciousness to the world around you and leaving you spiritually re-energized.
  • It is best to come to class on an empty stomach. If possible, avoid eating large meals within 2 hours of class.
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Common Lingo


The energy in me sees and acknowledges the energy in you. Often spoken by the teacher at the end of the class to acknowledge the students.


The universal sound in yoga. All sounds are in om and om contains all sounds. Sometimes used to open or close a class.


Yoga postures.


Breathing exercises.


Focal point, useful when doing balancing postures.

“I have attended a variety of different yoga classes over the years and can say unequivocally that Blissful Yoga tops them all! Their philosophy of “Bliss” shines through the yogis themselves, the way the classes are conducted and the way I feel after every one! Thank you Blissful Yoga!”
– Karen